Acoustics related Web Sites

  1. Acoustics software page
  2. EU-news over Noise Policy
  3. MIT Virtual lib for acoustics & vibration with many useful links including the MIT Acoustics and Vibration Lab.
  4. The Acoustics Site This is (was?, no reply recently) the best! All acoustics related links .
  5. The European Acoustics Association
  6. Simple acoustics introduction from David Worrall
  7. ASA Acoustical Society of America home page with several links and comprehensive career section, book lists and Society info etc
  8. URBIS: GIS-system for noise mapping in residential areas. Also other environmental factors can be estimated. Design by TNO.
  9. Delta Acoustic Research
  10. World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
  11. The Laboratory of Acoustics and Thermal Physics in Leuven, Belgium
  12. Noise statistics of Norway.
  13. Calculation of awakenings and graphic representation
  14. International Committee on Biological Effects of Noise .
  15. Newsgroups

    Not in any way related to noise, but interesting when it comes to limiting traffic and promoting public transport.

    Other Sites of interest

  16. The Car-free city The ultimate solution. Build cities for the future; not for the past...
  17. New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG)

  18. There are other disturbances beside noise...
  19. ISO (main ISO standards page)
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