Aircraft noise in the Netherlands

For the disturbance of aircraft noise, the noisecontours around airports are translated in Annoyance Equivalent Sound Levels (explanation of AESL). For Schiphol Airport the calculated LAeq-contours were available from 50 dB(A) Ldn on (1990). For the noise around military airports the area within the 35 KE zone is included (35 KE units are comparable to 60 à 65 dB(A) (65-70 AESL). The zones are calculated on the base of the permitted use of the air base. Lower levels are not available, nor the real produced levels. These zones probably underestimate the impact of military aircraft noise in the Netherlands. The noise of low-fly air lanes or low-fly areas are not included in this survey.. Noise by road-, rail-, air traffic and activities of industry or companies

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