Available publications on noise in English

A few of the most recent publications we have available for distribution. Sending me an E-mail asking me politely what you want usually works.

Date of publication (yymm) Distribution number publication number
Geluid en Verkeer
9804 00 Verstoring 1998 nr 1 Response functions for neighbour noise.
Report is in Dutch. However, we provide the English Summary for you
9712 00 Verstoring 1997 nr 15 Response functions for transportation noise.
New results from the annoyance database.
9705 00 -- conclusions green paper conference

9612 00 --
Green Paper on future noise policy
9606   -  - Environmental noise descriptors in Europe-
comparison of defintions and prediction methods
9505 0012463 Verstoring 1995/ 10 Quantification of environmental quality
9512  -  - Vibrations in dwellings: exposure and annoyance
9512 0012464 Verstoring 1995 5b Descriptors for aircraft noise
9412 -   -   Rating of helicopter noise with respect to annoyance
9402 0007104 IMZ Rapport 30 IMZ rapport 1994 nr. 30 A study on environmental zoning systems in twelve industrialised countries
9307 0012457 Verstoring 1994 4b Noise, odour and environmental quality
9307 0012452 Verstoring 1993/ 1 Response functions for environmental noise in residential areas

Out of date publications

These are before-1990 publications which sometimes may still contain valuable material and are only available in the archives. Usually newer and better reports on the same topics are available elsewhere.

8902 0005526 GA-DR-03-01 Environmental noise and health
8902 0005528 GA-DR-03-03 Environmental noise and health supplementary analyses and assessment of results
8902 0005529 GA-DR-03-04 Environmental noise anxiety
8812 0005523 - Noise abatement in the Netherlands
8711 0005501 - The influence of rolling noise on the noise emission of roadvehicles
8606 0002918 GB-HR-35-01 A noise-absorbing road surface made of poro elastic asphaltic concrete
8512 0002906 GA-HR-04-01 Effects of impulse noise on human beings; the field study in the Netherlands
8512 0002905 GA-HR-05-01 Effects of impulse noise on human beings: the laboratory study in the Netherlands
8412 0002860 GB-HR-25-01 Noise reduction on road vehicles. Technology presently available and implications for fuel economy
8412 0002861 GB-HR-25-02 Noise reduction on road vehicles. Cost implications with emphasis on commercial vehicles
8412 0002862 GB-HR-25-03 Noise reduction on motorcycles. Technology presently available and implications for performance and costs
8408 0002850 GH-HR-11-01 Cost implications of compliance with industrial noise legislation.
7511 0011558 VL-DR-18-03 Prefered listening level for speech disturbed by fluctuating noise
7511 0011559 VL-DR-18-04 The effect of ambient noise on speech intelligibility in classrooms
7511 0011573 VL-DR-24-03 Speech-reception treshold for sentences as a function of age and noise level
7511 0011557 VL-DR-18-02 Intelligibility of intervocalic consonants in noise

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