The Round Window Site

The subject of this site is round windows. Don't expect useful information: it is just a weird, but structured collection of round windows over the world. In order to understand them better, there is a focus on shapes, and a focus on their setting. The purpose of this site is none; just to look at the world and wonder.

principles There are 3 different views
SHAPES: The shape of the window is about their internal subdivision. There are subdivisions of horizontal/vertical lines, diagonal lines, flower shapes, geometrical & spiral forms and fantasy forms.

SURROUNDINGS: Surroundings is about their setting. This can be the wall or roof or about grouping of windows. Windows in pairs, triplets, manyfolds, in brick walls, flat walls, decoration around, statue heads etc. This section contains a verbal description of each window and where it can be found.

WEIRD & WONDERFUL: Amazement is the keyword. Is this really a window? Look how beautiful this is! Click on the window to see the view! A disgrace for humanity; how could they do this?

NEW: Incredible, but I continue to encounter new wonders. Good news: my provider spontaneously increased the disk space, so I can continue to enlarge the collection. This means I can also include contributions from others (although I will do so sparingly). This section contains all new images added after 25 Oct 2003. Last update 16 July 2005.

A final word: why a round window in a usually squarish building? It is much easier to construct square openings in a wall. At this time I can offer a few explanations, but I am not sure which one is right. Perhaps they all are, depending on time & place