Effect of standards on type approval test results


In the European Union the limits and measuring-methods as described in the European directive 89/514/EEC are mandatory since December 30, 1996.

The test-results of excavators are not to exceed the limit: LWA=83+11*lg P

No test-result has to be lower than: LWA=96 dB

The test-results of wheeled loaders are not to exceed the limit: LWA=85+11*lg P

No test-result has to be lower than: LWA=104 dB

In the Netherlands, on a voluntary base, these measuring-methods have been applied since 1989 and the results of the tests of these machines are plotted in the graphs.

Results for Hydraulic excavators

The graphs show that all the machines tested in the early period are noisier than the machines tested when the directive came into force. Still over the whole period the result of the function between sound power level and the installed engine power is more than 2 dB under the valid limit and approaching the limit of LWA=80+11*lg P which will come into force in the European Union at December 30, 2001


Though heavier loaders have become less noise over the analysed period it is obvious from the graph that some types of the smaller machines, tested at the end of the period make more noise than those from the beginning of the period. The combined effect of mainly testing machines for the VAMIL in the beginning of the period and the fact that according the directive no machine has to have a sound power level lower than 104 dB might be a reasons for this increase.

However as it also can be noticed the spread of the test-results is very wide indicating that more positive results are very well possible.


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