Disturbance by road traffic

For noise by road traffic a distinction can be made in traffic in rural areas and traffic in urban areas. For road traffic in the urban areas no data are available yet to get an overview of the extension of this source. For the rural areas only sound levels around national motorways were available. The percentage area around national motorways that is located within the 55 dB(A) limit, stated by the Noise Abatement Act, is shown in the figure on top of this page. A remark by the figure is that the geometrical quality of the data used isn't good enough to include noise from road traffic in the nationwide overview of disturbance by noise.

Disturbance by road traffic
Disturbance by rail traffic
Disturbance by air traffic
Disturbance by activities of industry and companies
Disturbance by road-, rail-, air traffic and activities of industry and companies

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