Noise is an ancient problem in human societies. Roman poets complained about the the racket of iron wheels on cobble stones, and that kind of comments continued over the ages.
Although many things have improved in society, noise is certainly not among them. More people then ever experience serious noise problems, and their number is still increasing.
Over the past years a lot of information has been collected about noise exposure, health effects related to noise, technical means to reduce noise at the source. This site aims to fill the information gap, making noise producers more aware of the consequences, and noise sufferers more aware of the possibilities to end it and their rights on quiet.
The intention is to provide key findings all along the chain sound-noise-exposure-effect-control .
This site contains a lot of content, ranging from databases with noise levels of construction equipment to noise maps of large cities. There is a sitemap and a search button if you look for something specific. If all fails, you can always try to Email me.
Finally, all the information presented is publically available somewhere, and free of rights. Although the material is frequently adapted to make it more accessible, I try to keep it as objective as possible.

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