Questionnaires for Noise assessment

Although many effects of noise are known, the easiest to assess are annoyance and self-reported sleep disturbance. These effects (measured by standardised questions in a population survey) may serve also as an early warning system, because they start at lower noise levels then more serious health effects. There has been - and still exists- considerable confusion as how to measure annoyance or sleep disturbance. The past few years however considerable progress has been made in standardising questionnaires.
In these questionnaires the latest recommendations of the ISO and ICBEN groups working on standardisation of the questions have been taken in account. If you apply these questions, the results can be directly compared to the international database (see description). The core questions and the noise management are part of the WHO-environment and health survey. You may download a copy of the ful report from their web-site
Here you will find a standard questionnaire in Word (95) format (also in HTML format).
From this a set of core questions is derived that can be inserted in any household survey. Also these in Word (95) format (and in HTML format).
These 7 questions can be used to assess the intensity of noise management in a country.