Calculation of ROAD traffic noise.

This Java-program calculates Ldn-levels of road traffic on a straight road without barriers or obstacles. There is more explanation here.
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Data on road
Road traffic input datahelp Day: 7.00-22.00 Night: 22.00-7.00
Motorcycles per hour
Cars per hour
Speed cars kilometers per hour miles per hour
Number of vans/hr
Number of heavy trucks/hr
Speed trucks
Road surface help

data on geometry help
Heigth of road
Horizontal distance in meters from center of road
Fill in 0 (zero, not blank!) when you want to calculate the distance for a given noise level
Heigth of house or observer
View angle (127 grad= full view)
Fraction sound absorbing soil (0=all hard, non absorbing; 1= all absorbing)
Percentage reflection from opposite side (0=no surface; 1= all reflective).
Distance to reflective surface on opposite side
Heigth of reflecting object (must be at least 5 m)
Distance to intersection
Calculated Noise Level (Ldn)
(Or fill in (>40) if you want to calculate distance; distance must be set to zero)
Night LAeq is


This script computes the noise level in dB(A) at a given distance from a road. Important data are the number of cars and trucks that use the road, the mean speed and the distance from you to the road. Emission data according to the 2002 version of the Dutch calculation method.


Road use in vehicles per hour:

expressed in units per hour

The mean speeds for each of these categories

Note that the real, mean speed per vehicle categorie has to be filled in; not the permitted maximum speed!
(default speed is in km/hr; check the button if you want to express speed in miles per hour)


The road surfaces: