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(Note 1: this is largely "grey" literature; difficult to find in libraries or elsewhere.
Note 2: The reports are free of rights, as far as I know. If  there are strong objections in making  a particular item avalaible, please let me know.
Note 3: most in Dutch (English titles in English), but online translation service may give a reasonable impression of the content)
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Year of publication Title Comments
1972 Advies Geluidhinder Gezondheidsraad
PDF-3MB (blz 1-68)        PDF-0,2MB (blz68-71)
First Health Council advice on limit values and (only 2 pages) considerations on health effects..
1973 Brief Gezondheidsraad over geluidnormering
PDF-0.9 MB
Interesting reaction on position taken by the Ministry of Transport
1973 Verkeerslawaai en wegontwerp. RWS
PDF 1,4 MB
How the highway authority takes noise into account in road design.
1973 Circulaire Geluid
Transposition of the 1972 Health Council advice into real life limits
1975 Beoordelingssystemen voor de geluidhinder van wegverkeer (VL-HR-17-01)
PDF -0,9 MB
Systematic approach of limit values and basis for noise abatement act.
1979 Circulaire schietlawaai
PDF-1,4 MB
Policy letter for non-military shooting noise. Has been in use until 2015.
1979 Hoofdstuk IX, Stiltegebieden wet geluidhinder
Doc- 34 KB
In 1982 chapter IX on quiet areas was introduced in the noise abatement act, to be removed again in 1993.  The echo's of this brave effort ahead of its time resound in the END
1979 Akoestisch optimale orientering bouwmassa's -DR-08-02-
The art of creating quiet sides
1981 Beleidsnota railverkeerslawaai - Directie Geluid
RTF - 0,4 MB           RTF-bijlage 0,1 MB
Policy note for a decision on the legal provisions for railway noise. Principles for limit setting discussed.

1981 Stedebouw en geluid
PDF-Part 1: 6,4 MB   PDF Part-2: 7,7 MB
Noise friendly Urban design. Well designed booklet from the begin period of the Noise Abtement Act.
1982 Toelichting emissiegetal beleidsnota spoorweglawaai 1982.
Many years later this description would lead to the emission ceiling legislation for railways and motorways.
1984 Inventarisatie potentiele saneringssituaties vl hr 20 04 1984.
pdf-2.4 MB
Results of the inventory for improvement spots.
1984 GF-HR-07-1 bijvoorbeeld spoorweglawaai
Examples (7) of solutions for building near railway stations
1987 Overwegingen bij inwerking treding Besluit geluidhinder spoorwegen
Policy discussions on the new Decree for Railway Noise Annoyance
1991 Begrippenkader Milieubeleid
PDF- 0,4 MB
Letter to Parlament on principles of limit setting and nomenclature
1991 Afstemming Besluit geluidhinder spoorwegen-hinderwet
PDF 0,2 MB
The infamous guideline letter indicating when train movements are to be considered part of the shunting proces or in service.
1994 Study related to the preparation of a communication on a future EC noise policy- INRETS
PDF-Part 1: 2MB   PDF-Part 2: 2 MB     PDF-Part 3: 1,4 MB   
The input report for the EU Greenpaper on noise  from 1996
1994 EU-foundation directive 1994.
pdf-1 MB
Letter to the EU Commission  with a proposal for a Directive on Noise. Large parts of this can be found back in the END (2002/49)
1994 Theories and evidence on the effect of ambient noise on reactions to major sources Fields 1994.
Do different noise sources add, mask or are independent?
1997 Brochure: Hoe ongezond is geluid
PDF 1,8 MB
Fact sheet on health effects of noise. There is an update from EEA: Good Practice guide on Health effects
1998 Strategisch onderzoek invoering Uniforme dosismaat 1998
pdf 37 MB
What are the consequences of the introduction of an annoyance-corrected LAeq?
2000 Milieuverkenning 5, Hoofdstuk verstoring
PDF 0.7 MB
interesting predictions for annoyance levels in the population in 2030
2003 Beoordeling leefomgevingskwaliteit
PDF- 0,6 MB
Method to evaluate the total living environment
2004 NEIGHBOUR NOISE a rational approach -WHO-
How to deal with neighbour noise on the basis of evidence
2004 Research for a quieter Europe 2004-CALM-
Final.pdf 4MB
Second brochure of the CALM network analyzing the noise situation in the EU and possibilities for noise reduction at the source.
2007 Research for a quieter Europe 20070831-CALM
dl1.pdf 2MB    dl2 pdf 2MB
Update of the 2004 CALM paper
2011 Dutch regulation for  wind turbine noise english translation 2011
pdf - 0.1 MB
Courtesy translation of the 2011 regulation for noise from wind turbines (and - parks)
1974 Soviet noise research literature
Bizarre but also sincere reports of health effect of noise in Moskou but reported through US-EPA
1975 Enquetes naar geluid wegverkeer VL-dr-17-02-
PDF 0.7 MB
Overview of early studies annoyance road traffic
1980 Beleving geluidwerende voorzieningen luchtvaart tekst LL dr 14 01.
pdf 4MB
Annoyance study for aircraft noise in 2 locations (military and civil) where isolation measure are to be implied.
1980 Beleving geluidwerende voorzieningen luchtvaart tabellen LL DR 14 02 .
pdf 4MB
Tables for the above aircraft noise annoyance study.
1980 Beleving geluidwerende voorzieningen luchtvaart vergelijkende studie LL HR 14 03
pdf 4MB
Results from the before-after study into the effect of applying siolation for aircraft noise (as well military as civil). Good results for  heavy isolation packages, much less for the lighter packages.
1980 Beleving militaire luchtvaart LL-hr 16 02 1980 bijlagen.
pdf 46MB
Tables and maps for annoyance study military aircraft
1980 Beleving militaire luchtvaart LL hr 16 01 1980 tekst.
pdf 3MB
Annoyance from military aircraft around 3 airbases. Large differences between locations. In most cases annoyance higher than for civil aircraft.
1981 Inventarisatie geluidhinder in Nederland 1977 =BG-HR-18-01
The first inventory into noise annoyance in the Netherlands. The percentages are very much like today's..
1981 Industrial noise anoyance
Paper on the 1st TNO-study on annoyance from industrial noise
1981 Karakterisering en beoordeling van industrielawaai IL-HR-09-01
PDF-blz 1-26 - 7MB             PDF- blz 27-55 5 MB
Eerste  onderzoek naar industrielawaai van TNO.
1981 Geluidhinder rondom kleine vliegvelden 1981 LL hr 16 03
PDF 1,1 MB
Literature study and small field study into noise annoyance from small aircraft
1982 Hinder door spoorweggeluid in de woonomgeving RL-HR-03-03
PDF 1,2 MB- part 1      PDF-1,4 MB, part 2      PDF 0,7  MB part 3
Classic railway annoyance study.
1983 Bruikbaarheid Kosten-eenheid bij de dosis-effect relaties voor militaire luchtvaart-1983
PDF-0,7 MB
Consideration regarding the use of the Kosten-unit as a descriptor for - military- aircraft noise
1983 Gewenning aan geluid van een nieuwe spoorlijn-tno-rl-hr-03-02
How fast get people habituated to the noise of a new (light) railway line? This study surveys shortly after construction and a year later.
Beleving geluidwerende voorzieningen VL HR 14 03.pdf
Summary report on the efect of isolation measures near highways.
1985 Luchtverkeer - Laagvliegroutes 1985.
Annoyance and startle from low-flying military aircraft
1986 Lawaai en sociaal gedrag
Influence of noise on social behaviour like helpfulness. Recently updated, see here
1986 Trolleyficatie van buslijn 9 in Arnhem. — Onderzoek naar de effecten van geluid
PDF- 1,6MB part 1           PDF- 0,9 MB Part 2.
Annoyance study for the trolleybus in Arnhem
1987 Geluidbelasting en auditief vermogen ouderen
PDF - 1,2MB
Annoyance in relation to hearing capacity in elderly persons
1988 Geluidhoofdstuk uit "Zorgen voor morgen"
Scenario calculations from 1988 for road- rail and -airtrafic annoyance for 2010. Seems to have been reasonably accurate.
1988 Kaart stiltegebieden 1988
Map PDF 18 MB  List PDF 0.1MB 
Map and list of  quiet areas in the Netherlands
1989 Environmental noise and health -Altena -1989 ga dr 03 01
Major results of the detailed noise and health study  under 2000 people.
1990 review-usaf studie low flying aircraft-startle
PDF 0.8 MB
Data on onset rates from low flying aircraft on annoyance and startle
1992 Hinder bij onregelmatig gebruik van schietbanen
Laboratory study for annoyance  in different operating time schemes for shooting ranges
1993 Aandeel goederentransport in hinder treinverkeer
PDF 0,3 MB
How railway annoyance is influenced by number or share of freight trains
1994 Rating Helicopter Noise
Annoyance and indicators for helicopter noise
1994 Schrikreactie tgv schietgeluid Vos Geurts 1994 -A29.
pdf-2.4 MB
Startle reactions due to shooting noise
1994 Waardering geluidwerende voorzieningen rond schiphol 1994.
Appreciation of isolation measures in houses around Amsterdam airport.
1995 Hinder-inventarisatie-1995
Deel 1 PDF 1.5 MB  Deel 2 PDF 2MB   Deel 3 PDF 0.1 MB
Annoyance Netherlands inventory 1995
1995 Zelf gerapporteerde slaapkwaliteit in geluid geisoleerde woningen rond Schiphol
Self reported sleep quality in noise isolated houses around Schiphol airport
1996 Een toekomstig beleid inzake de bestrijding van lawaai. Groenboek Europeses Commissie
EU greenpaper on future noise policies.
1996 Prediction of high speed train annoyance-1996
PDF 0,6 MB
Trying to predict annoyance with very few real data
1996 Vragenlijstonderzoek schiphol 1996
pdf 12 MB
Annoyance survey Amsterdam airport.
1997 Geluid van buren: Horen, hinder en sociale normen
PDF - Part 1: 2 MB       PDF Part 2: 1.7 MB    PDF Part 3: 1 MB
Excellent study into the acceptability of neighbour noise. People are much more tolerant than you would believe.
1998 Dosis-effect relaties voor geluid van buren -
Rapport-PDF-5 MB            Bijlagen-PDF-5MB
Dose response study for neighbour noise
1998 Belevingsonderzoek Stiltegebieden -
What noises are bothering in quiet areas? This study looks in 4 different areas
1998 Overzicht van onderzoek naar Hinder van schietgeluid
dl1.PDF 1.6MB      dl2.PDF 0.6MB  
Large collection of research results for annoyance from shooting noise.
1998 Inventarisatie-verstoring 1998- febr.2000
Zip - 1 MB
Inventory of annoyance in the Netherlands. Noise, but also odour, vibrations and light
1999 Vergelijkings studie geluidshinder Betuweroute 1999.
Annoyance at a freight train line before a change
1999 Effecten van Piek geluid 1999
PDF 0,2 MB
Effect related to peak level sounds.
1999 Dosis responsrelaties luchtvaartgeluid 1999 tbv ONL.
PDF- 3.6 MB
Dose reponse relations for annoyance around AMsterdam airport. Data corrected for isolated dwellings
2000 Samenvatting HSL studie 2000.
PDF- 1.7 MB
Summary of German report "Untersuchung zur Lastigkeit von Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen am Beispiel der Neu- und Ausbaustrecke Hannover-Göttingen" (München, december 1998, revisie januari 2000).
2001 Prevalence of acceleration at low speed (<50 km/hr) and driving at constant low speed (<50 km/hr) and the influence on community annoyance.
Annoyance in relation to accelerating traffic flows
2002 Relaties tussen geluidbelasting en hinder voor
industrie- en rangeerterreinen.
PDF 0,5 MB
First study into noise annoyance from industry related to Lden.
2002 Geluidhinder magneetzweefbaan. - een laboratorium studie
PDF 0.9 MB
Laboratory study annoyance from magnetic levitation trains
2002 Invloed wegkenmerken op hinder
PDF 0.7 MB
Additional - over Lden -influence of distance (small), number of vehicles (medium) and percentage heavy vehicles (medium) on annoyance
2003 Geluidsbelasting en hinder bij Maastricht Aachen airport 2003.
PDF - 4.3 MB
Annoyance survey around a small airport also used for small aircraft
2003 Geluidhinder rond Den Helder airport TNO-2003.
PDF- 3.6 MB
Annoyance survey military aiport.
2004 De achtergronden van het achtergrondgeluid.
PDF 0.8 MB
Influence of background noise on annoyance
2005 Fysieke en sociale omgevingskenmerken  die woontevredenheid bepalen.
Physical (inclusing nosie) and social factors that influence residential satisfaction
2005 Magneetzweefbaan-Report Perceived Noise Annoyance - final-2005
PDF 2.8 MB
Semi field study into annoyance caused by magnetiic levitation trains
2009 EU-Noise Maps: analysis of submitted data and comments
PDF 0,5 MB
Results of the first round of mapping for Environmental Noise directive
2010 Low level intrusive noise and low frequency
Is (low level) noise intrusive because of low frequency content or for other reasons?
2010 Onderzoek naar gevoelige en kwetsbare groepen voor geluid-2010.
Pdf 1MB
 Study to define sensitive and vulnerable populations for noise
2012 ISO 1996 - Inpassing Dosis-effect curven.
pdf 1MB
In the annexes to this report (in English) the complete description of the deivation of dose-response curves for annoyance and their confidence interval. These are to be incorporated in the revised ISO 1996-I
2015 Comparison noise annoyance surveys from different countries 2015.
pdf 0.5 MB
Annoyance surveys from EUstat and national studies from UK, Netherlands, Germany and France compared.
1980 Milieubelastingskartering rpd_groene reeks  6 1980
Development and examples of spatial maps for environmental pollution - feasibility study
1982 Milieubelastingkartering-eindrapport 1982
Development of spatial maps for environmental pollution - fnal report
1985 Hinder in de woonomgeving door cumulatie van omgevingslawaai-Miedema
PDF 1,2 MB Part 1   PDF 0.2 MB Part 2
Literature study for annoyance in comnied exposure situations
1985 Hinder door tram- en wegverkeer
PDF 1 MB Part 1 PDF 2,4 MB Part 2 bsp;     PDF 1 MB Part 3
Annoyance study for road and tram traffic. Application of Zwickers loudness for the combination.
1986Community reactions to Aircraft noise - joint CEC project
PDF -0.3 MB     Summary 0.3 MB 
Forgotten and -almost- lost study into aircraft noise in combination with road traffic.
1987Beoordelingsmethode voor hinder in de woonomgeving door cumulatie van omgevingsgeluid -GA-HR-08-03 1987.         PDF 1MBMethod for calculating annoyance in combined exposure situations
1988Coefficienten voor cumulatie van hinder van omgevingsgeluid -GA-HR-08-04 1988.
Study to derive unified dose response relations for various sources
1990Total annoyance cause by simultaneous road, shooting and impuls noise 1990.
pdf 1MB
Laboratory study into annoyance from combined exposures
1996Noise odour and environmental quality-1994-4b
Still the only method to combine noise and odour exposure!
1980 Slaapverstoring door lawaai ICG vl dr 24 02 1980.
pdf 2 MB
Literature study sleep disturbance by noise
1980 Time of Day Corrections to aircraft noise metrics. NASA-night-penalty-workshop
pdf 4MB
Very interesting report on the data that underlay the 10 dB correction in the US Ldn.
1986 Gevolgen lawaai nachtvluchten GA HR 01 02
PDF 1.7 MB
Literature study into the consequences of night flights on health
1989 Analyses of the predictability of noise induced sleep disturbance
Dose -reponse relations for awakenings and sleep stage changes on the basis of 21 studies
First reliable field study into effects of  noise on sleep in the field.
1993 Geluidnormering nachtelijk vliegverkeer
Text PDF-3MB   Maps-Schiphol PDF-3MB   Maps Maastricht airport 3MB
First report on a separate night standard for airports. Introduction long term Lnight as indicator and valuation of effects.
1993 De rol van aantalllen passages bij nachtvluchten
Literature study into the influence of number of events on annoyance for night flights.
1994 Comparative evaluation of sleep disturbance due to noises from airplanes - trains and trucks
PDF 0,7 MB
Small laboratory study showing that train noise causes the strongest awakening reation.
1997 De rol van actimetrie bij de evaluatie van slaap waak en gerelateerde stoornissen
Actimetrie as a method to evaluate sleep quality.
2004 Position paper on dose-effect relations for night time noise
.pdf 4.8MB
Working group paper on effects of noise during sleep expressed in Lnight
2004 Motility and road and railway traffic noise
Significant field study into effects of railway and road traffic noise at night
2006 Noise exposure from various sources - sleep disturbance in children
PDF 1,1 MB
Good overview and discussion of  effects of night noise in children
 1979 Voorlopige evaluatie van de geluidhinder van schietinrichtingen BG-HR-10-01
PDF-1,7 MB
Preliminary calculation method for -military and civil- shooting noise. The final method is published .
1980 Geluidmetingen langs RW13 1980 VL DR 21 06
The original measurements for the Road traffic calculation method
1981 Richtlijn voor de meting en karakterisering van omgevingsgeluid- IL-HR-15-01
A still widely used method for measuring background noise
1982 Geluidemissie auto's in stedelijk verkeer VL-HR-02-06
Measurements on cars in urban traffic to establlish emission factors
1983 Geluid metingen aan proefvakken langs rijksweg A28 VL-HR-10-02
Further measurements and analysis to establish road surface correction factors for the calculation method
1985 Timing of noise sensitive activities in residential areas Fields 1985.
PDF 5.8 MB
Sleep periods but also leisure periods in the US around 1975. Not much different from the actual data.
1989 Geluidbelasting in Nederland
PDF-1,1 MB
Noise levels in the Netherlands in a random sample of dwellings
1989 GF-HR-01-03.Uitbreiding van industriegeluid in woonwijken
PDF - 2 MB
Attenuation of industrial noise in build up areas
1989 GF-HR-01-05.Handleiding ter berekening van de geluidsverzwakking in woonwijken
PDF - 4 MB
Calculation method for noise attenuation in build up areas
1994 Descriptors for aircraft noise
Doc-0.5 MB
The report that spawned the Lden-indicator
1995 Round robin test noise calculations
PDF - 0,1MB
The paper that spawned Harmonoise and CNOSSOS
1996 Geluid en geurbelasting in Nederland
PDF -1,7 MB
Noise and odor calculations in a random sample of dwellings (update of 1989)
1996 Noise descriptors in Europe
Follow up study on the round robin test from 1995 - this is on calculation methods.
1999 Position Paper on EU noise indicators report final 1999.
pdf 2MB
The paper where the Lden and Lnight as EU noise indicators are proposed.
2002 Dutch railway noise calculation method version 2002
This is the English translation of the Dutch official calculation method for railway noise, provided by the EU-commission as it served as the interim method for Directive 2002/49.
1982 Typekeuringsmetingen treinen  RL HR 04 02
PDF 2.5 MB
Measurement report for 2 now obsolete passenger train types: Mat 54 and mat 64 and a 1100 diesel electric locomotive.
1982 Studie rolgeluid NS-materieel rl hr 04 01.
pdf 4MB
Systematic study in the mechanisms that cause railway noise
1985 Overdrachtsmetingen en emissie vergelijkingen RL-DR-04-02.
Deriving accurate emission values for trains from measurements
1986 Geluidmetingen trams RL-HR-06-02
dl1-1986.PDF 2MB   dl2-1986.PDF 0.2MB
Inventory of tram car measurements. Most vehicles no longer in service...
1988 Rangordening geluidbronnnen gf dr 50 02
Ranking of over 100 different appliances (from buldozers to hairdryers) according to annoyance in order to prioritize policies.
1990 Het stille aanbod (vrachtwagens) 1990
Study into the effects of subsidies for quiet trucks. Policy recommendations to improve the promotion of quiet vehicles.
1992 Samenvatting studies tramlawaai 1991-1992
pdf 5MB
Summary of noise emission measurements for tramcars. Also vibration measurements
2003 Position Paper on the European strategies and priorities for railway noise abatement 2003.
pdf 0.5MB
Well founded plea for quieter (freight) trains.
2005 EU workingpaper-effectiveness of noise measures-
.pdf- 1.2 MB
Summary and recommendation of the effectiveness of noise measures (source included). Based on the EffNoise study.
2006 Two ways to derive design targets for noise
PDF 0.5 MB
Developing emission limits for cars.
2011 Experts letter on Vehicle noise standards_FINAL.
pdf 0.5MB
Well documented letter to the Commission to plea for a drastic lowering of vehicle emission levels.
1995 Vibration and Annoyance
deel-1-PDF-1,2 MB    deel2-PDF 0,2 MB     deel-3 PDF-0,6MB
Comprehensive study on vibration annoyance and indicators
1998 Relation vibrations-perception and annoyance tno-1998
Further analysis for vibration on the 1995 material
1998 Relation vibrations-metrics and annoyance.
Analysis to establish best indicator for annoyance from vibration
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