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Overview of the Noise and Traffic site.

Noise and Health Standards & regulations Calculation of noise levels
  Overview of effects of noise on health   Noise regulations in the Netherlands (overview)   Method for describing Combined Sources: background
  Noise exposure in the Netherlands: annoyance and noise level data Railway noise regulation   Calculation of noise levels of machinery
  Percent seriously annoyed vs LAeq as derived from international database for transportation noise.   Definitions of railways, noise sensitive buildings etc   Calculation method for Combined Sources
  International database for Noise and Odour. Now 75.000 datapoints!   Zones, noise sensitive buildings etc   Download Noise calculation software (including cumulation)
  Aircraft Noise Complaints   Standards and procedures related to land use planning   Calculate Ldn-level for road traffic
  Procedures when noise levels change   Noise levels of large industrial areas
  ICBEN-team 9; Regulations and standards   Avoiding noisy constructions News & various
Noise control at the source   When and how standards are tightned   European news
Quiet road surfaces   The explanatory memorandum.   sites with acoustic information
  How and why does it work Other regulations   available documentation in English
  Experiences from the road building point of view   Regulation for Construction noise Noise Maps of EU-cities
  Costs   Regulation for Shooting noise Noise Mapping in the Netherlands
Noise levels of outdoor Machinery   Regulation for licensed bars, restaurants   Background information on National Noise Mapping
  Description of measuring methods   Noise Map road traffic
  Excavators   Noise Map rail traffic
  Wheel Loaders   Noise Map air traffic
  Lifting trucks   Noise Map industry
  Mobile Cranes   Noise Map Combined sources (road-, rail-, air traffic and industry
  Compressors   Noise map database of cities
  Wood Shredders
Noise emission road vehicles
Noise emission passenger cars
Noise emission motorbikes